DOC Stake Pool
DOC Stake Pool

Welcome to DOC Stake Pool!

I am a family physician in Canada. Prior to becoming a doctor, I worked in IT and networking. I got hooked and it developed into a personal hobby and passion.
I have been following Cardano since 2018 and recently decided to become more active as I truly believe it can become something amazing if it continues on its current path. By running my own pool I hope to do my part in strengthening the network by increasing decentralization and providing a safe place to stake your Ada.
I am still learning myself and anticipate the guide will evolve and grow over time. Please let me know if there is anything you wish me to discuss by asking on the pool twitter page.
Please note that this guide is a work in progress may contain some minor mistakes. I will continue to proofread and add as time goes on so check back regularly.
My goal with this guide is to help others understand some of the more complex concepts involved in the Cardano network and make it more accessible to everyone in the process which will further drive adoption.
If you find the guide helpful please consider staking with DOC.
Ticker: DOC Fees: 0% +340 Pledge: 75,000